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What is GraphQL Shield?#

What is Shield?#

Shield is a GraphQL library that helps you create a permission layer for your server. Its main focus is creating a meaningful, well-rounded and scalable API that will make you confident about your permission layer.

Using an intuitive rule-first API, you'll be able to define the collection of rules that you can use across your permission system.


  • Flexible: Based on GraphQL Middleware.
  • Compatible: Works with all GraphQL Servers.
  • Smart: Intelligent V8 Shield engine caches all your request to prevent any unnecessary load.
  • Per-Type or Per-Field: Write permissions for your schema, types or specific fields.


Start by adding GraphQL Shield to your server:

yarn add graphql-shield


Here's an example of how you can define permissions using GraphQL Shield

const isAuthenticated = rule({ cache: 'contextual' })(async (parent, args, ctx, info) => { return ctx.user !== null }) const isAdmin = rule({ cache: 'contextual' })(async (parent, args, ctx, info) => { return ctx.user.role === 'admin' }) const isEditor = rule({ cache: 'contextual' })(async (parent, args, ctx, info) => { return ctx.user.role === 'editor' }) // Permissions const permissions = shield({ Query: { frontPage: not(isAuthenticated), fruits: and(isAuthenticated, or(isAdmin, isEditor)), customers: and(isAuthenticated, isAdmin), }, Mutation: { addFruitToBasket: isAuthenticated, }, Fruit: isAuthenticated, Customer: isAdmin, })